Empowering the next generation of coders through our technology-free computer science curriculum

Explore coding in a new way

It might seem crazy to learn computer science without computers, but sometimes the craziest ideas make the most sense.

At CS Hands-On, we make computer science education accessible to everyone, including learners without access to technology.

Join us in the revolution for computer-free fun!


Learn to think like a coder through problem-solving

For ages 7 & up

Get started in computer science with no background experience necessary.

Grasp fundamental skills

Build your skills from the ground-up by interacting with exciting games and challenging problems.

Have fun!

Embark on a thrilling journey to learn computer science through fun storytelling and problem solving.


Bring technology-free computer science into classrooms

For anyone, anywhere

Broaden computer science participation with our free and easy-to-follow printable curriculum.

Easy teaching

Guide students with straightforward lessons and activities available on our website.

Engage curious minds

Grow students into better computational thinkers through interactive activities and hands-on learning.

Begin your journey

Grow your skills in computer science with our new fundamentals curriculum.

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