Week of Code

Expand horizons in computer science through one fun week of interactive lessons and engaging activites.

Welcome to Week of Code

In our Week of Code challenge, students will spend 30-60 minutes for 5 days to learn the fundamental skills of computer science: abstraction, logic, algorithms, evaluation, and patterns. The challenge is structured as a shortened introduction to our complete computer science fundamentals curriculum, as it includes the first lesson of these five topics.

With our enjoyable storytelling and engaging activities, students will gain a memorable experience and develop a deeper understanding of computer science.

Join the challenge

Teach students useful problem-solving skills

Show students that they can pursue a career in computer science

Instill confidence and build self-esteem


Put on a Show

Learn the importance of abstraction by creating functions to perform tasks.

Binary Pixel Art

Learn how computers use binary to communicate.

A-Maze-ing Mazes

Learn how to create algorithms for completing different tasks.

Conditional Schedule

Learn how if-then statements are used in everyday situations.

Looping Dance Party

Learn the importance of using loops for repeating actions.


Where can I access lesson plans?

All lesson plans can be found on our curriculum website page, and from the links from the schedule above. All worksheets are available to print via pdf and are accompanied by an educator guide.

Can I make my own schedule?

We recommend following the schedule provided, as the each lesson is an introduction to more complex coding conceps. If your students already have experience with computer science however, we encourage you to choose different lesson plans for the challenge.

Have another question?

Reach us at hello@cshandson.org